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GM00191-M39 Pony Fur Pack:  These fur packs were used by rear echelon troops and armored troops mostly. They were used to carry extra ammunition and food. These smaller packs as this one is, is not dated, which is correct for this particular example. The pack is in overall good condition. The two hooks on the top which attach to the Y straps are missing, but other straps have been put on in order to carry the pack. I believe this to be field modified. The straps and pack look like they have been together for the past 70 years. This and the mess kit below came out of the same estate.


GM00192-M31 Mess Kit:. This mess kit has seen better days I'll admit but I just couldn't pass it up. There is a maker mark on the cup but its hard to make out. There are initials scratched into the kit as usual but on the reverse side is a flower. Its almost like a piece of trench art. This could be displayed as is or fixed up for a mannequin display.



GM00193-Gas Mask Set: This is another great find right out of the woodwork. This gas mask set is in great shape. The set is complete and the straps to the canister are original. The interior even has the spare lenses. The mask itself is a small size. Both the canister and mask are "43" dated.


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GM00231-Afrika Korp Canteen: This is  genuine example of tropical canteen, as used by the Wehrmacht. Canteen is dated 43 and cup is dated 42. Overall condition is very good. Straps are strong.


GM00177-Map Case: This case measures 9in tall by 8 1/2 in wide. The front features a single claw buckle for closure. The interior features 3 spots to hold pencils and a divider. The end flaps are a little rough but this does not detract from the piece or impair function. The left side is marked and dated  "bmn42" and also has a waffenamt. I have an identical one myself, currently displayed on my mannequin.


GM00179-Food Ration Sack:These are neat pieces to accent any display. Wehrmacht food sacks. This one measures approximately 3ft by 2ft.



GM00128-Artillery Round Fuse Containers: These brown Bakelite fuse containers are dated on the interior "1938" and on the interior of the lid "1939".The tops are marked "Zünderbüchse 1" which translates as "Detonator cylindrical case 1". These were captured by a GI as a souvenir who thought these would make great Salt and Pepper shakers. "The Big Red 1" logos and words are all hand painted. It even has the name of the city where they were captured, "Gunzenhausen". Unfortunately the tops of these were not finished but they still make for a one of a kind display.


 AL00001-Candaian Light Pattern Gas Mask Bag ID‘d:This is a carrier for the light service anti-gas respirator.  It’s a light olive color with khaki sections .The main compartment which would house the gas mask measures 5” wide and 9” high. The carrying strap is marked "LIGHT II Z L & T LTD   11/43” and has length adjusters on both sides. To each side there is a pocket with a corresponding flap which secures down with a brass snap closure.  The back side has reinforced khaki canvas tabs sewn on, with metal hooks running through which allow the bag to be carried on the waist. Above the flaps on each side is a reinforced stitched on canvas tab to which a metal O-ring runs though connecting the carrying strap to the bag. The straps themselves are also sewn onto the O-rings. The front of the carrier has a riveted on metal bar with an opening to it which mates with a corresponding riveted metal collar. Above the collar is a sewn on thick canvas tab. The collar would fit over the bar and the tab would insert itself into the opening to secure the flap shut. Inside the main compartment are several flaps which aid in securing the respirator and accessories down. On the interior of the top flap it is faintly stamped: ”LIGHT II Z L & T LTD”  and written on is the name “ BOWDEN, E.H. and a written  number “81662383” and of course the usual Canadian marking “C-broad arrow”. This piece came in a recent lot I acquired, when looking in a side pocket, I found an a old dried up ointment tube, it’s split in half with little paint left on it, but a small area of it remains which says “Ottowa”. Anti-gas ointment? This would be a very fun piece to do some research on. Excellent Condition!




AL00003- Russian Map Case: This a WWII Russian Map case. The leather is in great condition and has been taken care of very well. I have had this in my collection now for some years. The map case has a celluloid insert for holding a map, also comes with a wwii german pencil. The interior of the front flap is dated 1941. These are seldom seen.



JP00009-Type 4 Ceramic Grenade: These were developed by the IJN in 1945 as last ditch effort to stop the allies as the war was coming to an end. Since metal and other materials were being used on weapons this proved to be a cost effective alternative. It would of had a carrying or throwing lanyard around the neck. A rubber boot on top covered a wood friction fuse plug and separate scratch block lid. The covering was removed and the match compound was ignited much like a road flare using the scratch block. Very rare to find. Was brought back by a veteran who served in the 7th ID.





JP00016-IJA Binocular Case: Here's another neat piece from the veterans estate. Its a rubberized canvas binocular case. The IJA realized that there leather gear did not hold up well in the tropical climates so a new material alternative was created for ammo pouches,cases, etc... This is one of those examples. The binocular case measures approximately 8" tall by 7" wide. I believe this would hold a large size pair of binoculars.The front has a brass stud and a leather tab for securing shut. The leather tab has some  loose stitching. The interior is lined with a very soft material. The interior of the lid features two holding straps which are secure with metal snaps. I believe this might have been used for holding accessories for the binoculars. Possibly spare lenses. The overall condition is great showing little wear say for the carrying strap. It has some loose stitching on one side and a repair on the other that is not period done. 


JP00015-IJA Officer's Map/Dispatch Case: The case measures approximately 8" tall by 5 1/2" wide. The exterior is of a hard leather shell while the sides are of a soft pliable leather. The front features a stitched on five pointed Japanese star. The front flap secures down by means of a riveted on loop and brass stud. The reverse has adjustable hangers for wear on a belt or lanyard. There is also some faint "Kanji" writing on the back. The interior of the front flap is marked "Ma. Ono". Major Ono I would  assume. The leather has usual wear. There is a small piece of leather side skirt missing from the flap but nobody would know unless you mentioned it. That hows unnoticeable it really is. The other side skirt is a bit loose. There is also a small hole on the bottom and side of the soft leather parts. These could be easily repaired if desired. Its not perfect but its a hard to find piece with a lot of history and potentially named to an IJA officer. Would be a fun project to do some research on. The 7th ID fought on Kwajalein, Leyte.Okinawa and the Aleutian Islands, just to name a few. No telling where he might of picked this up.

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