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GM00244-Wehrpas: This Wehrpas is unissued and in overall good condition. These were issued to all drafted soldiers before being designated to a specific branch, at which point they would then be issued a Soldbuch.



GM00001-Heer Postcard: WW2 German postcard depicting two soldats with overseas caps, dress bayonets and a good shot of the Gefreiters rank chevron. Back is dated 11/11/1939 and has some German writing.Card is unmailed with no defects, some age yellowing to it but still in very good condition.


 GM00004-DAF(DeutscheArbeitsfront)Postcard: This is a post card depicting a factory with a swastika inside a cog/gear. The "German Labor Front" was a union made for and by the 3rd Reich. The back of the card is dated "7-9-36" and was sent to someone in "Kopenhagen Valley, Denmark". There is a message on the back as well, German I believe. The card has no rips or tears and has but the slightest wear on the edges. There is NO yellowing to the card either. These types of PC's are hard to find.


GM00020-N.S.K.K. Photo Grouping: This grouping consists of 31 photos all belonging to the same member of  the National Sozialistisches Kraftfahr Korps who served in the 13th Company/ M96 regiment.. The photos vary in size and most have excellent shots of  armbands, crash helmets, kepis, party banners & flags, daggers, pennants, vehicles, motorcycles and more. A few photos are of parades involving the NSKK, SA and HJ. One of the photos included is actually a postcard, the man that these photos came from is on there as well. On the backs there are slight traces of paper where they used to be in a album of sorts This is a very nice NSKK photo grouping. You don’t see to many of these around.



OC00002-WW1 Imperial Germany Postcard:This is a PC from is from WW1 era (1914-1918) and depicts a German officer in his dress uniform and a great coat. In one hand he is holding a Prussian style dress sword with a P-guard hilt. It also has a great shot of an officer's Pickelhaube with it's white yak parade plum. The card is of a white stock with no yellowing to it and no bent edges.The back of it is blank and has never been mailed. Very good condition.


OC00008-WWI German Grouping: Here's a nice little brass, WWI grouping I picked up. It consists of a matchbook cover, Imperial belt buckle(small dent on top but does not detract) and a trench art ash try which all have the crown and the words "God With Us". To top off the grouping is a small picture frame showing a young corporal Adolf Hitler. Even though the photo is post war it still makes for a great display.