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Belts & Buckles

GM00230- SS Officer's Belt & Buckle: This fine belt and buckle came from a friend of mine, who bought this directly from the veterans estate. The leather belt is in fantastic condition, its very soft and supple. The belt measures 41". One of the leather keepers is missing. The aluminum buckle itself is excellent but does show a bit of age in the recesses. The reverse of the buckle has sharp, clean markings of an RZM logo, SS runes and OCL maker's mark for the firm of Overhoff & Cie of Ludenschied. This is just an excellent set all around.




 GM00218-Political Belt and Buckle: This political rig has certainly seem some better days,but its 100% orginal none the less. The gold gilt on the buckle is mostly worn off of the front and some is off on the catch as well. The reverse is marked M4/40 for "Giesse & Schmidt". The interesting thing about this set up is the belt is black instead of brown. Not seen too often.


GM00210-Luftwaffe Combat Belt Buckle: This steel luft buckle is in near mint condition. It has all of its original blue paint to it with light signs of age. It would be hard to upgrade this example.



GM00211-Heer Combat Belt Buckle: This steel army buckle is a real beauty. Virtually all of the original green paint is present. No maker mark on the reverse. This buckle would look great displayed as is or attached to a belt for use on a mannequin.


GM00212-Political Leaders Belt Buckle: Political buckles just have a aesthetically pleasing look to them and this particular example does not fall short. The gold wash rates excellent. The piece is RZM Marked M4/46 for "William Schroder & Co".



GM00213-Hitler Youth Belt Buckle: Here is a decent example by "Christian Theodor" and the back is RZM marked accordingly, M4/22. It is an aluminum example and would fit nicely along side other HJ memorabilia. 




GM00214-RAD Belt Buckle: The aluminum RAD( National Labor Service) buckle is in overall good condition. The reverse is not dated but a manufacturers logo is present. This and the above buckles have been in a personal collection since the 70's. its nice to see these things surface again.


GM00194-HJ Leaders Brocade Belt and Buckle: This HJ leaders set is a real looker. It shows just the right amount of age and no damage. The brocade belt measures approximately 40" from end to end. The aluminum buckle shows great detail and is RZM marked on the reverse, with "M4/22". Indicating that this belt was manufactured by "Christian Theodor". This belt has been untouched since the war and came straight from the veterans family.




GMOO181-Army Buckle W/ Tab:This is a nice pebbled aluminum belt buckle with traces of the original paint on the reverse. The front shows age from actual use but still has good detail to it. The tab is dated 1937 and the reverse of the belt is maker marked " R.S. & S."



GM00182-Steel Army Buckle: This buckle shows great detailing to feathering of the eagle and has a great patina to it. The reverse is marked and dated "B &N 44". 



GM00183-Aluminum Army Buckle: Here's a nice standard pebbled aluminum buckle. Shows good details and age from actual use. Maker marked on reverse "NOWA".



GM00195-Political Leaders Belt & Buckle: This belt is in great shape and has never been in a collection before. I was fortunate enough to get this and some other goodies from the veterans family. Belt is marked and dated. The gilding to the buckle is excellent. Leather is in good condition and a bit stiff from being stored for so long. I have had it on one of my mannequins and it displays fine with no issues.



GM00052-Heer Combat Belt & Buckle: This piece came straight out of the woodwork. The adjustable belt measures 36" from end to end and has the 1940 pattern, steel stamped buckle.The reverse of the buckle is dated and maker marked ""H.A 42". Traces of green paint can be seen on the front and reverse. The buckle now has a real nice brown patina to it. The belt is maker marked and dated "gfg 43". The belt is worn but in decent shape for 60 plus years. Also with the belt and buckle is the leather tab which is also dated "1942". The tab is maker marked as well but hard to see. This is a genuine vet bring back.



GM00080-Heer Combat Belt & Buckle: The belt is a size "95" as it is clearly stamped on the belt end. Measures approximately  38" end to end. The leather is still very supple and strong.  Stitching is very tight and the markings and dates are still very visible. The hook end sides reads: "RBNr. 0/0390/0069, 1944". The leather tab reads: "GEBR. GLOERFELD, LUDENSCHEID 1938". The buckle is in excellent condition showing little signs of wear. Picked this up from the vets family. Was told the vet picked it up when he was doing occupation duty in Germany.



G00133-Luftwaffe Combat Belt & Buckle: Here's a great find right out of the woodwork, its a "LBA" and  Flak Regiment marked combat belt. The LBA (Luftwaffe acceptance stamp) marking is faint but still there. The Leather tab is crisply maker marked and dated "1936" on one side. The other side reads, "11 Batt, 4 Flak Rgt, 16 Battr". The belt itself measures approximately 40 inches long. The buckle is in great shape with a nice worn eagle. I've seen Luft marked belts before but to find one regiment marked is rare.


GM00132-Heer Combat Belt & Buckle: This belt measures approximately 38 inches long and is dated on the leather tab with the maker and date of "1937". There are also a few numbers marked on the end but only a few can be made out "066...". The belt definitely saw some action as the leather shows expected age and the eagle has been worn down a bit. Looks like the soldier put a few studs on the back of the tab to keep it laying flat. These can be easily removed if desired. All in all a good example.